Reclaim 10 Hours A Week From Your Digital Distractions With Group Flow Accountability

Consistently get into a distraction-free state of flow at work with a weekly planning and accountability ritual that will help you develop the laser-like clarity and focus you need to achieve your biggest personal and professional goals each week.

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Overcome The 3 Biggest Challenges of Digital Work 

It's time to take back control of your attention and eliminate the digital distractions that cause procrastination, overwhelm and exhaustion.

1. Compulsive Multitasking 

Average time spent working before an online worker switches tasks today: 3-5 minutes.

2. Continuous Partial Attention

Average times checking email and smartphones during the work day: 74 times

3. Context Switching

Average time to return to full focus on a cognitively demanding task after interruption: 23 minutes

This Is How The Internet Is Hacking Your Attention


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How The Weekly Group Flow Planning And Accountability Ritual Works

Get hyper-focused on what matters most to you and systematically eliminate your digital distractions.

Each week from 12 PM - 1 PM on Friday join our call to plan out your week and be held accountable to achieving your #1 personal and professional goal each week.

On the live call, you'll complete the 7 parts of the Flow Canvas to plan out your week:

1. Identify your most important personal and professional goal for the week.

2. Gain an understanding of your internal and external triggers for distraction so you can resolve them.

3. Learn how to use Flow Triggers to improve focus, clarity and energy each day.

4. Schedule pre-blocked times each day for undivided flow sessions where you can remove 100% of your distractions.

5. Develop daily flow routines to stay relaxed and focused all day longer.


About The Host


Kyle Pearce

My name is Kyle Pearce and I create DIY Genius to help digital workers conquer their distractions and develop the laser-like clarity and focus necessary consistently get into flow at work.

He works with digital entrepreneurs and stressed tech professionals to help them develop laser-like clarity and focus on their most important goals so they can achieve more profit, impact and freedom.

His interest in flow psychology and optimal brain performance grew out of his own rollercoaster entrepreneurial journey and from a decade of working directly with startup founders and online business owners to grow website sales as a growth marketer.

He was shocked by how much entrepreneurs struggle to focus and fight a constant mental health rollercoaster to manage all the complex strategies, tactics and tasks necessary to grow an online business today.

He is a certified teacher and coach of meditation, breathwork, and business performance psychology.

He has been teaching flow psychology and meditation practices since 2014 through online courses, group coaching programs and retreats.


Here's What Else You'll Get Access To When You JoinThe Group Flow Community

In addition to the weekly planning and accountability calls, you will also get access to these bonuses to help you improve your focus and productivity.

1. The Distraction Journal

Get complete clarity about the internal emotional triggers and external distraction triggers that cause you to procrastinate so you can create a plan to overcome them.

2. Flow State Meditation

Follow a simple 3-step meditation for visualizing your flow sessions, using mindful breathing to allow the resistance and then release from thinking into flow.

3. The Flow OS

Create a separate web browser specifically for your Flow Sessions to eliminate all distractions and create the optimal workflow for deep work and flow.

4. Flow State Music

Get access to our massive collection of brainwave entrainment music for getting into altered states of consciousness.

Group Flow Community


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What Will You Do With An Extra 10 Hours A Week To Unplug?

Consistently get into flow in your work and play with a simple group accountability ritual that will help you achieve your biggest personal and professional goals each week.


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