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Get coaching to create the structure, environment and accountability you need to overcome procrastination and develop a laser-like focus on your most important goals.

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How Flow State Coaching Can Help

Reclaim your time, energy and attention from your digital distractions so you can spend more time focusing on the meaningful and challenging activities that get you into flow.

Laser Focus

Develop laser-like clarity and focus on the key activities that generate the most profit, impact and freedom in your life.

State Change

Learn how to change your mental state using visualization, breathwork, meditation and brainwave entrainment.

3. Peer Accountability

Be held accountable with weekly coaching sessions that support you in consistently achieving your goals.

8 Core Models For Finding Flow In Your Life And Work

The Flow State Coaching program covers these 8 core models to help you develop laser-like clarity and focus.

1. Digital Mindfulness

Adopt digital minimalism and using social media with mindful intentionality rather than compulsively checking it.

The first step to finding your focus is completing a distraction journal to identify what is causing you to get distracted and procrastinate. This involves identifying your internal emotional triggers and external environmental triggers.

From there I take you through a process of digital mindfulness training, which helps you to reclaim 5-10 hours a week through environmental changes and using mindfulness to sit with anxiety, urges and discomfort to resolve them rather than allowing them to continually hijack your attention.

Vision Mapping

2. Vision Mapping

Craft a clear and compelling vision of your long-term goals to clarify your mission and purpose.

Vision mapping is a process of developing clarity and self-awareness so you can set long-term goals and identify the key activities that will move you toward your goals the fastest. This way you can start eliminating the lower-value activities that take you off course.

Vision mapping involves creating a visual map of your long-term goals and step-by-step processes for short-term goals to make them easy to visualize. It helps you get ideas, dreams and reveries out of your head and into visual models that can help you clarify what you offer and what activities to focus your time on.

Vision Mapping

3. Laser Focus

Develop laser-like clarity and focus for your work week by setting clear goals and planning out your schedule.

If there was one productivity practice that trumps them all, it's the habit of pre-planning your week. Without a clear plan, it's far too easy to get stuck in procrastination, overwhelm and distraction.

Each week we complete a 1-page weekly plan to set clear goals and identify your biggest obstacles in terms of internal emotional triggers and external environmental distractions so you can follow a personalized flow system that will improve your focus.

Laser Focus Planning

4. Creative Flow

Use flow induction practices to release from anxiety and inner resistance into focused action.

Creative flow happens when you push beyond the inner resistance and inertia that keeps you in your comfort zone and into a focused state of immersion in a challenging activity.

To improve how you navigate this 4-step creative process, you'll learn how to use flow induction practices that combine visualization, rhythmic breathing, meditation and brainwave entrainment music to relax under pressure, release anxiety and shift into a state of focus and flow.

The Flow Cycle

5. Active Dreaming

Improve your self-awareness and creative problem solving skills using conscious dreaming practices.

In the modern Western culture, we've become completely identified with thinking (logos) and we often suppress or have little recollection of our dreams (mythos). Active dreaming involves developing self-awareness through consciously exploring the dream state.

Accessing the liminal state between waking and sleep as well as lucid dream induction is a valuable tool to go beyond conditioned ways of thinking and enter dreamlike states where imagery, symbols and insights bubble up unfiltered from the subconscious.

Eastern Vedic Philosophy States of Consciousness

6. Deep Sleep

Improve the quality of your sleep so you can fall asleep with ease and sleep deeper.

The effect of today's sedentary lifestyle where we sit all day for work and spend over 90% of our time indoors staring at screens is leading to an epidemic of poor sleep, fatigue and burnout.

You will learn the key to getting high-quality sleep, which is getting more natural light exposure and practicing short periods of active recovery each day to switch off your body's stress response and switch on the relaxation response so your mind can relax and your body can properly recharge.

The daily cycle and optimizing your circadian rhythm

7. Peak Experiences

Learn mindful walking and nondual meditation practices you can do to experience a sense of unity and connectedness.

Peak experiences involve feelings of unity, connectedness and self-transcendence. They exist on a spectrum that can range from the peak moments of your day to the defining moments of your month, year and life.

In nondual meditation traditions, it is taught that we don't have to adopt rigid practices and make a great effort to practice techniques. Rather we learn to live with ease and flow by relaxing into the selfless, timeless and effortless field of our ever-present awareness.

Source: Transcend by Scott Barry Kaufman and Yaden et al. (2017) The Varieties of Self-Transcendent Experience study

8. Group Flow

The art of group flow involves building your creative community of people that support you in your goals.

So much of modern life involves trying to accomplish things alone that in previous generations were done together in a community. Building an emotional support system is important for getting advice from a community of mentors, collaborators and advisors.

Learn to leverage your knowledge and expertise to create a workshop you can deliver to build your reputation in your industry and leverage that workshop to build your leadership and facilitation skills.

About The Coach

Kyle Pearce

My name is Kyle Pearce, I’m an online business coach and growth marketing specialist.

I work with entrepreneurs, coaches and creators to help them develop a laser-like clarity and focus on their most important goals so they can achieve more profit, impact and freedom in their life.

I've been building online businesses and advising startups since 2011. My interest in flow state psychology, mindfulness training and mental performance grew out of my own rollercoaster entrepreneurial journey and struggles with focus, procrastination and burnout.

Building an online business and navigating a successful creative career today is made much more difficult by all the complex strategies, constantly changing tactics and lifelong learning necessary to continually sustain growth... and all the shiny objects and distractions that make it so hard to pay attention and follow one path at a time.

I help my coaching clients build the structure, environment and accountability system they need to find flow in chaos and thrive in today's hyperconnected world.

Here Are Some Additional Ways I Can Help You Improve Your Focus And Performance:

1. Flow Accountability

A weekly accountability process to pre-plan your week in less than 15 minutes and be held accountable for achieving your goals.

2. Marketing Automation

Implement marketing automation systems that attract new clients by improving your lead generation and sales processes.

3. AI Implementation

Use AI tools to automate repetitive processes so you can focus on your "zone of genius" where you feel and perform your best.

4. Visualization

Overcome obstacles by using visualization and self-hypnosis practices to reprogram limiting beliefs and end self-sabotage.

5. Meditation

Find the right form of meditation for your unique situation so you can train your mind and body to sync up and perform at a higher level.

6. Brainwave Entrainment

Get customized brainwave entrainment protocols that will help with your unique difficulties with focus, mood or difficulty relaxing.

7. Stress Biohacking

Use biofeedback wearables to measure progress as you lower stress levels, improve sleep quality and balance your nervous system.

8. Remote Neurofeedback

Systematically train your brain for optimal performance through an at-home neurofeedback brainwave training program.

9. Habit Design

Stack flow triggers in your daily routine and use behavioral design to quickly break bad habits and build good habits that stick.

Find Your Focus With Flow State Coaching

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