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Engineer A Flow-Driven Life In 30 Days

Master the creative mindset and train your mind to act with single-pointed focus so you can consistently achieve focused states of immersion.

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Learn About Flow Psychology

Apply flow psychology to the way you live, work and learn can help you focus your mind and optimize your performance.

Find Your Focus In A World of Distraction

Get to the root of procrastination and distraction by getting clear and concise about what motivates you and then create an actionable roadmap to achieve your long-term goals.

I learned most of what I know about Flow Psychology for achieving high performance and better productivity the hard way.

Trial and error---and a lot more error than I'd like to admit.

I created Flow Productivity to make sure other creative people don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

I've been where you are---or worse.

When I started out with DIY Genius in 2011, I struggle to grow my business and focus my time on the right things but I was determined to keep going.

I had a hard time staying focused on anything for long and I had too many balls in the air dividing my attention, which lead me to the edge of burnout and complete failure.

But I didn't give up. I believed I had something to contribute to the world with my knowledge and talents.

I wanted to make a big impact in the world and show people how technological innovation is empowering new ways to learn, work and play.

I tried all kinds of productivity hacks, learning methodologies and coaching strategies. I spent close to $100K since I started my business on training in business masterminds, hiring coaches and going on retreats with other entrepreneurs.

Some of it worked. Much of it didn't.

Over time, I discovered how to apply flow psychology in my daily routine and things began to change as I developed my mindset and gained more mastery over my time.

My audience grew. I started making money from my online course launches, landing lucrative joint venture partnerships and getting in coaching clients that lived all over the world.

Slowly, I began making money doing the work I really enjoy.

Today, millions of people watch my videos and read my content on the web.

I have built a completely remote team that allows me to delegate the work that falls outside my "zone of genius".

This is the new world of work, you can do it anywhere and on your own terms but you have to be highly productive or you won't meet your long-term goals.

You need a vision of the future you want to create and a roadmap to get there. That's why I created Flow Productivity.

Anything is possible if you focus on the right things, eliminate what distracts you and follow a roadmap personalized for your own unique talents and dreams.

If I can do it, you can do it too. And I can show you how.

How Flow Productivity Works

Apply flow triggers to improve your focus, boost your creativity and increase your self-motivation.

Video Lessons

Watch step-by-step instructional video lessons to create a long-term goal roadmap and focus your mind to perform your best.

Accountability Check-Ins

Make yourself socially accountable to achieving your goals by publicly committing to a plan to achieve them.

Action Guides

Get our action guides for Flow Experiments where you can find the right tools, techniques and processes that work for you.

Habit Design

Follow habit design frameworks based on the latest research in behavioural science for breaking bad habits forming new habits.

Learn Anywhere

Learn anywhere at your own pace and get community updates with our new mobile app for iOS and Android.

Get Creative

Launch your creative projects and finish what you start by focusing on what keeps you self-motivated.

The Flow Productivity Curriculum:

Follow step-by-step instructional video modules and action guides for vision mapping, building better productivity habits and developing a personalized system for improved accountability.

1. The Flow Blueprint

Get clear and concise about the activities that get you into flow and become more self-motivated by mapping out your passion, talent, purpose and story.

2. Vision Mapping

To create a strong foundations, you begin by developing a creative vision your life and creating a roadmap with clear goals and feedback loops.

3. Flow Productivity

Get more focused on "zone of genius"  where you feel and perform your best by developing a productivity system for elimination, automation and delegation.

4. Growth Experiments

Follow step-by-step mindset and  productivity experiments to use the right tools, refine your processes and build flow-driven habit that work for you.

5. Keystone Habits

Develop daily habits and rituals necessary for high performance and naturally thrive in this hyper-connected world where many people are on the edge of burnout.

6. Creative Flow

Learn your triggers for getting into a state of creative flow and get to the root of your mental blocks of anxiety, distraction and procrastination.

7. Social Triggers

Become more effective working and leading teams using group flow triggers that create group cohesion and encourage individual accountability.

Make Yourself Accountable For Performing Your Best

Learn how to work smarter and more efficiently so you can accomplish your work in less time than your competition.

How good would it feel if you were able to accomplish your work week in 3-4 days instead of 5 days?

Flow Productivity helps you design a  productivity system to eliminate all your distractions and time wasters so you can focus your time on the high-value activities that move you toward your long-term goals.

If you want more time to learn, create, and explore then this experiential learning program will help you get your work done faster so you can enjoy more time to unplug, relax and recharge.

Get clear and concise about your long-term goals, design your own lifelong learning curriculum and dedicate yourself to creative work that makes the biggest impact.

Decide which level of structure, accountability and support you need to learn online and create your productivity roadmap:

1. The Flow Academy

Get access to all the Flow Productivity learning modules, get support through email when you need some help and start learning at your own pace.

2. The Flow Accelerator

If you want additional help with planning out your long-term vision and creating a goal roadmap that is realistic and achievable then the Accelerator starts with a 90-minute 1-on-1 creative vision mapping and long-term goal setting session.

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Increase your focus, boost your creativity and improve your self-motivation by getting clear about your roadmap forward and making yourself accountable to your goals.



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7 Learning Modules For Engineering A Flow-Driven Life

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Single Payment (USD)

7 Learning Modules For Engineering A Flow-Driven Life

Email Support and Chat Support

1 Year Access To New Flow Experiments and Learning Challenges

90-Minute Creative Vision Planning and Long-Term Roadmap Coaching Call

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Engineer A Flow-Driven Life In 30 Days

Master the creative mindset and train your mind to act with single-pointed focus so you can consistently achieve focused states of immersion.


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