The Flow Mastermind:
ADHD Group CoachingĀ ForĀ Entrepreneurs

Are you a highly-creative and easily-distractible entrepreneur that struggles to consistently hit your targets and grow your business?

Get the group coaching and weekly accountability you need in the Flow Mastermind.

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How The ADHD Group Coaching Works:

Our group coachingĀ program consists of weekly calls with small group of fellow entrepreneurs with ADHD.

It will help you develop laser-like focus on your weekly goals and get the social accountability you need to consistency hit your business growth targets each month.

Each week we meet for an hour and this what happens during these weekly calls:

1. 20 minutes of weekly review and pre-planningĀ your next week with our 1-page planning tool called the Flow Canvas.

2. Commit toĀ a measurableĀ business goal for week and get paired with an accountability partner in the group.

3. Get group support with the hot seat if you're struggling to achieve your goals and need some extra help and feedback from other group members.

About The Coach And Facilitator

My name is Kyle Pearce. I'm a flow state coach, learning experience designer and growth marketing specialist.

I work with entrepreneurs, coaches and creators to help them develop laser-like clarity and focus on their most important goals so they can achieve more profit, impact and freedom in their business.

My interest in flow psychology and mental health grew out of my own rollercoaster entrepreneurial journey and from a decade of working directly with startup founders and online business owners to grow website sales as a growth marketer.

I was shocked by how many entrepreneurs struggle with ADHD and battle a constant mental health rollercoaster to manage all the complex strategies, tactics and tasks necessary to grow an online business today.

I have been teaching flow psychology and meditation practices since 2014 through online courses, group coaching programs and retreats.  I am a certified teacher and coach of flow states, meditation, breathwork, and business performance coaching.

If you want additional support and coaching to turn your flow triggers into daily habits after the session, here are some of the ways I can help:

1. Peer Accountability

Weekly accountability mastermind sessions to pre-plan your week and be held accountable for achieving your goals.

2. Growth Systems

Implement scalable business growth systems to systematize your marketing, sales and delegation processes.

3. AI Implementation

Deploy AI tools to automate repetitive processes so you can focus on the uniquely human work that matters.

4. Visualization

Overcome obstacles by using visualization and self-hypnosis practices to reprogram limiting beliefs and end self-sabotage.

5. Meditation

Find the right forms of meditation and breathwork for your unique situation so you can train your mind and body to sync and perform at a higher level.

6. Brainwave Entrainment

Get customized brainwave entrainment protocols that will work for your unique difficulties with focus, mood or difficulty relaxing.

7. Stress Biohacking

Use biofeedback wearables to measure progress as you lower stress levels, improve sleep quality, and balance your nervous system.

8. Remote Neurofeedback

Systematically train your brain for optimal performance through an at-home neurofeedback brainwave training program.

9. Habit Design

Stack flow triggers in your daily routine and use behavioral design to quickly break bad habits and build good habits that stick.

Join The Flow Mastermind Group For Entrepreneurs With ADHD

Get the weekly accountability you need to grow your business and hit your targets with ADHD group coaching in the Flow Mastermind.

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