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Overcome procrastination and focus your mind with a singular purpose where you can serve others, make a bigger impact, and enjoy your work.

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What Is The DIY Genius Academy?

To make our online training more accessible we are piloting a new membership community for learning flow psychology and habit design for only $29/month.

Here are the online training programs available at launch:

1. Lifelong Learning Roadmap

Learn how to design a lifelong learning roadmap to follow so you can take what you love to do, combine it with your talents and skills, and connect it to a specific problem you can solve in the world.

2. Cognitive Mapping

Design a long-tern vision for the impact you want to create in your life and the legacy you will leave to your family and community. Then, connect your daily routine and tasks to your long-term vision with clear goals to achieve for each year, quarter, month and week.

3. Flow Productivity

Follow my productivity system based on flow psychology to overcome procrastination, eliminate interruptions and achieve states of deep focus when you're working and learning. Create the optimal digital environment for single pointed focus and make yourself accountable to achieving your goals.

4. Habit Design

Learn how to use behavioral design to replace bad habits and build new keystone habits that stick. Build a daily morning, afternoon and evening routine that sets you up to feel and perform your best.

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