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Overcome procrastination and kickstart your productivity by applying flow psychology to your work so you can consistently feel and perform your best.

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What Is Flow Psychology?

Flow psychology evolved out of the study of top performers and the habits, processes, and mindsets that enabled them to rise to the top.

Applied to how you work and learn, flow psychology gives you a framework to build a productivity structure and daily workflow that minimizes interruption. This way you can train your ability to overcome procrastination and get in a state of deep focus or "flow" when you're working and learning each day.

Psychologists describe flow as the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, with full involvement in and enjoyment of the chosen activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.

If you are finding that you struggle to pay attention to your most important priorities and then you’re not alone. Since smartphones reached mass adoption in 2012, studies show most of us are finding it harder to pay attention.

The mobile revolution has rewired our minds for what psychologists are calling “continuous partial attention.”

This constant buzz of our smartphones reinforces instant gratification and social validation feedback loops that often hijacks your attention by giving you little bursts of the seeking-and-reward neurotransmitter dopamine throughout your day.

In this new hyperconnected world, deep focus is the new superpower and flow psychology offers a way to train it.

In Flow Academy, you'll learn how  to start training your mind to focus entirely on one task at a time. This way you can start to reduce productivity-killing multitasking and find yourself accomplishing much more in less time.

Overcome Your Internet A.D.D.

Learn how multitasking and the constant distraction of smartphones and notifications have diminished your attention spans and reduced your ability to learn and concentrate.

Meet Your Instructor

Kyle Pearce started DIY Genius to create an alternative to the "rote learning" education model that uses learning by doing through "mastery-based" learning to rapidly learn today's most in-demand digital skills.

Kyle has spent the last decade in digital marketing and online education industries launching educational webinar series for thought leaders, online programs for rapid skill acquisition, and a fitness app called Fitplan that has been downloaded over a million times.

He runs training programs that use flow psychology, behavioral design, and lean startup methodology to help people move fast and master new skills through mastery-based learning. Students do this by building creative projects and a digital portfolio, which proves their ability and enables them to sell their skills online.

Kyle has spoken at conferences, startup incubators and digital bootcamps across North America, Latin America and Asia about the future of education, applying flow psychology in creative industries, and the importance self-directed learning in the 21st-century economy.

Welcome To Flow Academy

Flow Academy is a membership program to help you find your focus and unleash your creativity. Here is what you will learn in the program:

1. Create A Lifelong Learning Roadmap

Get clear about what you need to learn and the skills you need to develop to master your craft and make a living doing work you enjoy.

Use the Ikigai model to identify the things you are most passionate about, connect them to your skills and talents, and then develop clarity of purpose to market yourself.

2. Develop A Creative Vision For Your Life

Use the process of vision mapping to set long-term goals for your life and career.  

Then plan out daily, weekly and monthly goals that will move you toward your long-term vision and give you clarity on what to prioritize during your workday.

3. Flow Productivity

Learn how to apply flow psychology to your workflow and daily routine to more consistently feel and perform your best. 

4. The Daily Practice

Build the habit of meditation into your daily routine using the process of habit design. Learn a series of meditation techniques to enhance your focus, reduce your anxiety and get your inner critic out of the way.

Why Join Flow Academy?

1. Improve Focus

Develop single-pointed focus on your work so you can block out distractions and consistently get in a state of highly-productive flow.

2. Enhance Creativity

Develop your career by launching your creative projects on the web and building a distinctive personal brand and portfolio.

3. Increase Motivation

Develop a creative vision for your life that motivates you and create a roadmap for developing more autonomy, mastery and purpose.

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You get access to 4 online training programs for:

1. Aligning your talents and skills with the right challenges

2. Developing a creative vision for your life and setting long-term goals.

3. Applying flow psychology to find your focus and transform the way you work and learn.

4. Learn how to build your attention span and relax in any situation using simple meditation techniques.

You get full access to try out our membership trainings for 7 days before your credit card is charged. At any time, you can cancel your account and remove your credit card from the settings menu in the top right corner of your user dashboard.

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