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The HyperLearning Toolkit

HyperLearning: a form of self-directed, passion-driven learning that gives you the freedom to educate yourself using the Internet.

1. Books

A 21st-century reading list for becoming an early adopter of new technology and ideas.

2. Documentaries

Explore with different perspectives and new possibilities by regularly watching documentaries.

3. Digital Skills

The new professions and the high-paying digital skills that will power the next economic boom.

4. iPhone Apps

Turn your iPhone into your "pocket university" and learning new things anywhere.

5. Android Apps

Turn your Android device into the ultimate learning device and learn anywhere.

6. Self-Directed Learning

Create a self-directed learning plan by setting clear goals and design your own education.

7. The DIY MBA

Teach yourself business by actually starting your own business or launching a side hustle.

8. Free Ebooks

Read classic biographies, novels and non-fiction books passed down through time across the ages.

9. Free Audiobooks

Listen to classic novels, biographies and non-fiction books in audiobook format while you're on the go.

10. Create Your Own Website

Create a website to tell your story and share your knowledge and skills in a digital portfolio.

11. Flow State Instrumentals

Block out distractions and use these instrumental albums to get in a deeper state of immersion.

12. Watch Virtual Conferences

Browse some of the most best talks from the world's most interesting conferences.

About Kyle Pearce

I started DIY Genius in 2011 to explore the future of education and empower the next generation that is educating themselves using the Internet.


I'm passionate about self-education, flow psychology, meditation, creative leadership and storytelling.

I also run a digital storytelling company called Social Creators.

I have spoken at conferences, startup incubators and digital bootcamps across North America, Latin America and Asia about the future of education, applying flow psychology in creative industries, and the importance self-directed learning in the 21st-century economy.


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