Find Your Focus and Harness The Power of Flow For Productivity

Learn how to use Flow Psychology to prioritize deep work, waste less time distracted by multitasking and develop the mindset and habits to consistently feel and perform your best.

Hosted by Kyle Pearce, lead instructor at DIY Genius









What we'll be covering in the Flow Masterclass webinar:

Learn why attention is the 21st century's most important skill and how you can systemically train your focus, creativity and self-motivation.

Here's what we're going to cover in this 1-hour webinar:

  1. The biggest reason why it's so hard to concentrate today and how to strike at the root of the problem.
  2. How to thrive in a fast-changing world and not fall victim to the growing health epidemic of burnout, anxiety and chronic fatigue in this age of information obesity and hyperconnectivity.
  3. Why you need to prioritize the creative, social and entrepreneurial activities that fall into your "zone of genius" and find creative ways to use technology to automate and delegate the rest.
  4. Learn about the history of Flow Psychology research since the 1970's and why this psychology of optimal experience provides a roadmap for consistent high performance and maintaining a lifelong learning advantage in today's highly competitive  world.
  5. Develop a more clear creative vision for your life and start planning out a roadmap to follow with clear goals, habit design and the social accountability system we all need to feel and perform our best.
  6. What creativity really is from the perspective of the latest neuroscience and how to understand your unique  obstacles and the limiting personal beliefs that can slow you down and leave you feeling stuck.
  7. Learn how the world's highest performers master themselves and overcome the 3 biggest obstacles along the creative path: anxiety, procrastination and perfectionism.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is from Vancouver, British Columbia and he has been running online learning website DIY Genius since 2011 teaching people how to harness the power of focus, creativity and self-motivation to make living doing work they enjoy.

He also runs a digital storytelling program for teachers called Social Creators and he leads educational nature retreats through Animist Ecology.

He has spoken at conferences, startup incubators, and coworking retreats and digital bootcamps across North America, Latin America and Asia on the future of education, applying flow psychology in creative industries, and the importance of self-directed learning in the 21st-century economy.

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Learn how to use Flow Psychology to prioritize your deep work, waste less time multitasking and develop the mindset and habits necessary to consistently feel and perform your best.


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