Rewire Your Brain For Sustained Focus In 30 Days (Without Stimulants)

Break the cycle of procrastination and stop getting distracted by the urge for multitasking and checking social media. Learn how to train your mind for ​​​​sustained focus on the cognitively demanding tasks that give you the highest return for your time.

Hosted by Kyle Pearce of DIY Genius. 









What You Will Learn On This Webinar:


What we’ll cover in this webinar...

  • How that always-on smartphone in your pocket is rewiring your brain for continuous partial attention and why it's also making you tired and unable to pay attention for a full work day.
  • An easy-to-follow productivity system that can make you 40% more productive during your workday just by kicking the multitasking habit.​​​​​​​
  • How to become more self-directed with a clear action plan for your work that creates what's called "vertical coherence" between your daily tasks and long-term goals.
  • Easy ways to modify your diet and inexpensive supplements you can use to boost your neurochemical supply dopamine that helps you sustain goal-directed behaviour (without the dangers and side effects of stimulants).
  • How to break the destructive cycle of instant gratification and social validation that social networks and smartphone apps design into their products to keep you hooked.
  • All webinar attendees who watch to the end will get my Natural Highs Guide containing the 10 best supplements for increasing your dopamine naturally.

Find Your Focus

Set clear goals, eliminate busy work, and focus your efforts where you can get the most value from your time.

Conquer Distraction

Learn proven methods to stop distraction, procrastination, and the perils of overthinking from holding you back.

Unleash Your Creativity

Navigate your creative process more mindfully by learning from your mistakes faster and executing your best ideas.

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