The Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System

Learn how to use brainwave entrainment music for getting into states of laser focus, creative flow, lucid dreaming and deep rest.

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How To Consistently Feel And Perform Your Best In Flow

Over 5 decades of Flow Psychology research has broken down the process of getting into a flow state in 4 key steps:

1. Struggle

This first phase of the flow cycle involves a long block of uninterrupted time to bring your full attention to a single challenging activity.

2. Release

The second phase involves mindfully observing your urges and let go of the resistance that arises when you are pushing beyond your comfort zone.

3. Flow

The third phase is the flow state where your mind becomes fully engaged and each action flows effortlessly into the next to the point that you may lose track of time.

4. Recovery

Finally, the last phase is important to consistently achieve flow because a flow state uses a whole cocktail of your 5 most potent neurotransmitters so you must rest and relax to recharge yourself.

How The Flow State Brainwave Entrainment  System Works: 

The brainwave entrainment music in the Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System makes it much easier to navigate each step of the Flow Cycle.

For each phase, the audio tracks use rhythmic pulses that emulate different neural patterns that are understood to be related to focused states, flow states, relaxed states and states of deep rest for the mind and body.

Entrainment is the principle that the rhythms in the human brain reflect the rhythms in the world. For music this effect is known in the scientific literature as the frequency following effect.

The brainwave entrainment music tracks uses binaural beats as a shortcut for switching into accessing these mental states on command and being able to stay there for longer periods of time.

The Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System includes a series of binaural beats tracks designed to help you control your mental states and explore your 5 different brain waves.

1. Laser Focus

Tap into the slower beta brain waves that make it easier to pay attention to a single point of focus.

A beta state in the higher frequencies of this brainwave range tends to be associated with stress, anxiety and restlessness.

The middle range of beta is good for having a clear mind so you can quickly solve problems and perform your daily tasks with low friction.

Listening to slow beta waves is where you find the sweet spot of relaxed attention, which is known in neurofeedback training as the Sensorimotor Rhythm (SMR 12 Hz - 15 Hz), which is often used to improve ADHD by reducing inattentiveness, restlessness and impulsivity.


2.Creative Flow

Tap into a relaxed state of alpha brain waves to release from constantly thinking into flow.

The alpha state is associated with relaxation, meditation and flow states. As you slow your brain waves and relax into alpha you can tap into meditative states and flow states if you're fully engaged in an activity.

Listening to alpha waves is good for finding flow doing creative work like writing, graphic design, video editing and creating music. Slower alpha waves bring the brain into a more effortless immersion that happens along the borderline between alpha and theta waves.

3. Creative Dreaming

Tap into the effortless states of relaxation and dreamlike liminal states.

Listening to music with theta waves is a shortcut to accessing liminal states between waking and sleep for creative problem solving and lucid dreaming.

In the 21st century, few people remember many of their dreams and even fewer access liminal states for creativity, even though they were crucial to the creative process of many of the modern world's greatest inventors such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

4. Deep Rest

Tap into delta waves for deep states of peace, compassion and tranquillity.

Delta waves are most strongly associated with the deep sleep state of dreamless sleep but they have also found to be produced in profound states of meditation involving loving kindness and heartfelt compassion.

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, listening to delta waves to fall asleep can help you switch off an overactive stress response (sympathetic nervous system) and induce relaxed feelings of tranquility and gratitude that make it easier to activate the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system).

5. Peak States

Tap into gamma brain for peak states of hyperfocus and insight.

Gamma waves are the highest brainwave frequency and they are associated peaks states of learning, insight and hyperfocus. The brain produces spikes of gamma activity when we learn something new and during flow states on the alpha-theta borderline.

High gamma is also correlated with psychedelic states, which often see huge spikes in gamma activity. Gamma is also associated with rare brainwave patterns such as Lambda waves (+100 Hz) that are still quite mysterious to science.

About Me

Kyle Pearce

I first got into binaural beats when I was in my freshman year at the University of British Columbia when a friend recommended I try using them to help me focus for long hours on my studies.

Having ADHD, I often struggled to study, especially on the things that didn't interest me, and many days I'd sit down to study after having my morning coffee and I just couldn't get my brain to focus.

I found that listening to binaural beats in higher beta and gamma frequencies could shift my brain into a focused state and help me to sustain my concentration on the days when I would struggle to get anything done.

Over the years of playing around with different binaural beats tracks, I got into making my own tracks and working with musicians to create soundtracks for them.

I put together this Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System with some of my favourite tracks I use for focusing, getting into flow states and states of deep relaxation.

I've found binaural beats to be indispensable tools for focusing and for getting out of my head when I'm struggling with stress and worries.

I hope you enjoy this brainwave entrainment music collection and please share your feedback and suggestions as I'm regularly updating it with new tracks.

Get These 3 Bonuses With The Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System:

1. Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) Protocol

I've spent years using Yoga Nidra, which is often referred to as non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) in the scientific literature and for secular renditions of this ancient rejuvenation practice.

I have included my favourite Yoga Nidra system for paying off sleep debt with quick 20-minute and 45-minute Yoga Nidra power naps.

2. Philosophical Chillstep Collection

One of my favourite walking meditation practices is to go on long walks in nature while listening to the philosophical chillstep with some of my favourite wisdom teachers.

Get access to my curated collection of philosophical chillstep playlists featuring mind-blowing insights by teachers and philosopher such as Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle, Terence Mckenna and more.

3. Flow State Meditations

Get a series of 3 Flow State Meditations I have recorded for using visualization, breathwork and mindfulness to create the focused mental state necessary to get into flow.

One of the meditations is to power up in the morning, another is for powering down at night and a third one is a nondual flow meditation for mindful walking outside.


Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System

use brainwave entrainment music for getting into states of laser focus, creative flow, active dreaming and deep relaxation.

Get over 100 binaural beats tracks for brainwave entrainment across each of the 5 brainwave frequencies. 

Each track is high-quality 320 Kbps mp3s for maximum effectiveness and they can be easily downloaded to your smartphone so you can listen anywhere.

Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System


Single Payment (USD)

  • 20x - 1-Hour SMR and Beta Wave Tracks For Laser Focus (Binaural Beats 12 - 20 Hz)
  • 20x - 1-Hour Alpha Wave Tracks For Creative Flow (Binaural Beats 8 - 12 Hz)
  • 20x - 1-Hour Theta Wave Tracks For Active Dreaming (Binaural Beats 4 - 8 Hz) 
  • 20x - 1-Hour Delta Waves For Deep Relaxation (Binaural Beats 0.5 - 4 Hz) 
  • 20x - 1-Hour Gamma Waves For HyperFocus  (Binaural Beats 30 - 50 Hz)
  • The 3 Additional Bonuses Listed Above
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Flow State Brainwave Entrainment System

Learn how to use brainwave entrainment music for getting into states of laser focus, creative flow, lucid dreaming and deep rest.

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