Flow Psychology Masterclass: Find Your Focus and Achieve More By Doing Less

Hosted by Kyle Pearce, Founder of DIY Genius









Thrive In The Fast-Growing Creative Economy

With software and A.I. increasingly automating routine work, the 21st-century knowledge work demands you continually educate yourself and challenge yourself to perform your best.

This 60-minute Flow Psychology Masterclass will explore how to thrive in this new world of continuous lifelong learning and creative work.

Here's what you will learn in this webinar:

- The importance of having a long-term creative vision for your life and why you need to identify your high value activities so you can set clear goals and create an accountability system.

- How multitasking and constant interruption by your smartphones weakens your ability to concentrate and perform at your highest potential. 

- How to systematically re-wire your brain and train your attention for single-pointed focus on cognitively demanding, high value tasks.

- How to get clear about what your passion and purpose in your career so you can develop a lifelong learning roadmap to develop your talents and skills to a high level of mastery.

- How to develop creative self-mastery by identifying your obstacles and mental roadblocks so you can overcome them and get in more flow states of heightened creativity.

- What neuroscience says about the 2 crucial ingredients for creative problem solving and how you can actually develop these abilities.

- The power of high consequences and how to create a system to challenge yourself to take bigger risks, expand your comfort zone and commit yourself to achieve your highest potential.

This 60-minute masterclass will help you thrive in the future by rapidly developing new skills that make you indispensable in our fast-changing our fast-changing world.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce has taught flow psychology, meditation and embodied learning practices to 1000's of creative professionals in the last 5 years through his self-directed learning company DIY Genius.

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Join me for this live webinar on Thursday, January 10th at 11 AM (EST). Commit yourself to finding your "zone of genius" and unlocking your highest potential.


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