Master The Ability To Stay Focused And Double Your Productivity

Consistently feel and perform your best by training your mental ability to focus your attention and sustain your concentration on the high-value tasks that produce the biggest results.


Find Your Focus In A World of Distraction

It isn't easy to focus these days...

Digital devices constantly bombard us with information, some of it solicited but much unsolicited. Instant gratification is always at our fingertips and there are often too many demands for our attention, which can negatively affect our productivity and energy levels.

The digital revolution happened so fast that we have not been trained how to cope, let alone thrive and get ahead in this new hyperconnected world where our focus is being constantly interrupted.

Flow Productivity is a productivity system designed to help highly distractible creatives develop a clear vision, strategy and process to follow to eliminate busywork and focus their time on the high-value work that produces the biggest results.

I developed this Flow Productivity program over the last 5 years since I taught my first online course on Flow Psychology in 2013.

As a creative person prone to distraction and focusing on too many things, I struggled for a long time by with not having the focus or drive to live up to my potential.

I had challenges with procrastination, starting too many projects (and not finishing what I started) and not focusing my time on the most valuable but challenging activities that generate more income.

Applying Flow Psychology to how I work and learn has been instrumental in developing my ability to pay attention to the right things at the right times.

If you find that you're constantly dividing your attention through multitasking and the lure of instant gratification, Flow Productivity can be a game changer for helping you achieve higher productivity and more fulfillment in your work.



How The Flow Productivity Immersion Works

Flow Productivity is 4-week online program for creative people that want to get highly focused on their goals and be able to consistently achieve immersive flow states in their life.

Video Lessons

Watch instructional video lessons to learn how to set your long-term goals and build habits and daily rituals that stick.

Accountability Check-Ins

The option to choose a learning package that includes productivity coaching and group accountability check-ins.

Online Support

Get your questions answered and problems solved quickly with support through email and live chat.

Habit Design

Get habit and ritual design frameworks based on the proven behavioral science for forming new habits that stick and developing more personal autonomy.

Learn Anywhere

Learn anywhere with a fully mobile-optimized learning environment so you can conveniently access the training from your iPhone or Android device.


All students get access for a year to our educational webinars and new materials I add based on student feedback.

The Flow Productivity Curriculum:

Follow a 4-week online program for vision mapping, managing your attention, building new habits and developing a personalized system for accountability.

1. Mapping Your Creative Vision

Develop a creative vision for your life and use design thinking to identify the best way to combine your passion and talents to solve the right problem so you can do creative work you enjoy.

1. Vision Mapping

Get clear about what the intersections between the different things you're passionate about and develop a creative vision to improve talents and make a bigger impact in the world.

Use design thinking to develop a powerful “why” and a massive transformative purpose (MTP) that connects you with other creative leaders who share a similar mission and core values.

2. Clear Goals

Learn why most people don't achieve their goals and what you can do instead to set achievable daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals by creating feedback loops and an accountability system.

Breakdown your long-term goals to bite-sized tasks and challenging activities you can tackle across 5 key areas: career, education, creativity, relationships, and health.

2. The Flow Productivity System

Develop a personalized strategy to focus your time on the high-value and challenges activities that will increase your income and help you consistently achieve flow in your work.

1. Implementing Flow Productivity

Follow 7-step to implement the Flow Productivity System in your work week:

1. Weekly Planning Sessions
2. Eliminating Busy Work
3. Delegation and Automation
4. Prioritizing Value-Creation
5. Deep Focus and Flow Sessions
6. Creating Feedback Loops
7. Unplugging and Reconnecting.

2. Attention Training

Learn different meditation techniques that will expand your awareness and help you dramatically decrease overthinking and rumination while improving your ability to focus and concentrate.

Techniques covered: Mindfulness, Breathwork, Qigong, Flow Consciousness, Forest Meditation and Vedic Meditation based on mantras.

3. Designing Daily Rituals

Learn how to systematically build new habits by anchoring them in daily rituals and design personalized rituals that prime your mind and body to feel and perform your best.

1. Design Your Own Tiny Habits

Learn exactly why most new habits fail and how to break bad habits based on the latest behavioural science so you can build tiny habits that stick.

You will create a consistent morning ritual and an evening ritual that allows you to unplug and prepare your mind and body for deep sleep.


2. Keystone Habits For Learning

The key to long-term success is the race at which you learn and reinvent yourself.

Learn how to create an embodied learning plan (think "learning by doing") so you can can create passion-driven learning rituals that increase your self-motivation and allow you to develop your creative talents to a level of mastery.

4. Creative Problem Solving

Learn how to use the Flow Cycle to better navigate your creative process to consistently overcome the anxiety, procrastination and self-consciousness that inevitably accompanies creative work.

1. The Creative Process

Learn how to use the Flow Cycle to massively amplify your creative problem solving skills.

Push past your inner critic and  overcome the barriers to creativity by understanding the psychology of disrupting the known, safe world of your comfort zones and embracing the unknown, riskier world of challenge your personal "status quo".


2. Consciousness Hacking

Learn to control your consciousness through meditation and embodied mindfulness practices that will help you get into mental states of increased imagination, intuition and insight.

Apply the science of neuroplasticity, the latest biohacking technologies and proven meditation techniques that can systematically train your attention and rewire your brain so you can consistently feel and perform your best. 

Join The Flow Productivity Immersion

Double your productivity this year by applying the Flow Productivity System to achieve your career, education, creativity, relationship, and health goals.

Plan out your long-term goals and implement a high consequence scenario to take massive action and  create momentum by achieving a big goal you set for the 30 days of program.

There are 3 levels of support available in the Flow Productivity program depending on how much support, coaching and accountability you would like:

1. The Flow Immersion: 

Follow the step-by-step instructional videos and a structured curriculum for 4 weeks to build your own personalized Flow Productivity system and build better habits in your life.

Get fast and helpful support through mail and live chat.

2. The Flow Accelerator: 

If you want more accountability and coaching, join a weekly group coaching call with me on Sunday evenings to plan out your week and be held accountable to your weekly goals and deadlines.

3. The Flow Mastermind:

This is for entrepreneurs that work online only. Start with a 1-hour kick-off call to plan out a growth vision for yourself and your business. Then get weekly coach for implementing the latest process and marketing automation systems in your business.

Join me for 1-hour weekly coaching calls to implement better systems that allow you focus your time where you can create the most value in your business.

Flow Productivity Training

Invest in the right training and accountability package for your needs and get started learning now.




4-Week Flow Productivity Program

1 Year Access To All Flow Training Materials (Updated Regularly)

Weekly Action Plans and Habit Design Blueprints

Email and Live Chat Support

Join The Immersion




Everything Included In The Flow Immersion

4x 45-Minute Weekly Flow Strategy Planning Sessions on Sunday Evening


Join The Accelerator




Everything Included In The Flow Immersion

Private Online Business Mastermind Group Access

1-Hour Business Vision and Process Automation Planning Call

4x 1-Hour Online Business Coaching Calls

Join The Mastermind

Frequently Asked Questions

Each week requires 5 hours each week to watch the training videos, complete the action plans, and build the productivity system into your daily life.

After you sign up, I will email you within 24 hours about setting up a time that works best for you to schedule all the online coaching calls in advance.

You get access to everything already  straight away but I highly recommend that you follow the weekly structure of the course so you don't overwhelm yourself.

I'm confident in the quality of this program. If you don't like it you can get a full refund with no questions asked within 30 days.

Train Your Attention and Double Your Productivity

Enroll in the 4-week Flow Productivity program can help you find your focus, double your productivity and develop your talents to a high level of mastery.


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