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Follow 7 steps for building your own personalized Flow Productivity system so you can strategically focused on the high-value tasks that drive the best long-term results and sense of fulfillment.

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Are You Ready To Make A Bigger Impact And Get A Lot More Flow In Your Life?

Join my new 8-week Flow Productivity and make yourself accountable to developing and implementing a creative vision that lights your fire.

I learned most of what I know about Flow Psychology for achieving high performance and better productivity the hard way.

Trial and error---and a lot more error than I'd like to admit.

I created the Flow Productivity Accelerator to make sure you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

I've been where you are---or worse.

When I started out with DIY Genius in 2011, I struggle to grow my business and focus my time on the right things but I was determined to keep going.

I had a hard time staying focused on anything for long and I had too many balls in the air dividing my attention, which lead me to the edge of burnout and complete failure.

But I didn't give up.

I believed I had something to contribute to the world with my knowledge and talents.

I wanted to make a big impact in the world and show people how technological innovation is empowering new ways to learn, work and play.

I tried all kinds of productivity hacks, learning methodologies and coaching strategies. I spent close to $100K since I started my business on training in business masterminds, hiring coaches and going on retreats with other entrepreneurs.

Some of it worked. Much of it didn't.

Over time, I discovered how to apply flow psychology in my daily routine and things began to change as I developed my mindset and gained more mastery over my time.

My audience grew. I started making money from my online course launches, landing lucrative joint venture partnerships and gettingin coaching clients that lived all over the world.

Slowly, I began making money doing work I really enjoy.

Today, millions of people watch my videos and read my content on the web.

I have built a completely remote team that allows me to delegate the work that falls outside my "zone of genius".

If I can do it, you can do it too. And I can show you how.

Don't Miss Out!

Join my 8-week Flow Productivity program and I'll teach you step-by-step everything I've learned growing my business while living and working all over the world by building the habits of deep work, the daily practice of meditation and developing a flow mindset.

How Flow Productivity Works

Flow Productivity is a 8-week video-driven online training program designed to help you define and stick to building your long-term creative vision.

The Step-By-Step Flow Productivity Methodology:

Each week during the 8-week program you will add make small and incremental changes to your daily routine that will help you improve the way you learn, work and play.

1. Vision Mapping

At the foundations, you start by developing a creative vision your life and setting clear daily, weekly and monthly goals to get you there.

2. The Flow Mindset

Learn how to apply the value creation pyramid to focus your time and effort where it matters most so you can work more productively while also having more  free time to recharge.

3. Keystone Habits

Learn by building "tiny habits" in your routine to establish new behaviors and develop a morning and evening ritual that helps you consistently feel and perform your best.

4. Deep Work

Follow a proven way to systemically stop multitasking and allow yourself to be interrupted when you need to focus and get results from your time.

5. Feedback Loops

Having tight feedback loops and high consequences so so you can avoid the trough of sorrows and create a cycle of constant improvement.

6. Automation and Delegation

Develop a better delegation system so you can stick to your “zone of genius”, doing tasks you enjoy doing them, are good at and can paid well for doing.

7. Creative Flow

Creativity following a cycle of deep focus followed by unplugging necessary to face your mental obstacles that lead to procrastination: fear, anxiety and rejection.

8. Long-Term Creative Vision

You will complete the Flow Productivity program by mapping out a long-term creative vision to continue apply flow psychology to your work and learning path.

How The Accountability System Works

We pair you up with an accountability partner so you are fully committed socially to following through with each of the weekly activities and action plans.

At the beginning of the Flow Productivity program, you will be paired up with an accountability partner so you can hold each other accountable for the full 8-week program.

We recommend communicating with your accountability partner on weekly calls on Sunday night for the planning and accountability sessions  assigned to you. If another time is preferred, you can choose your own time that you mutually agree upon.

We are using a mentoring system deliver through a customized Facebook Messenger bot that makes it easy for weekly check-ins over Messenger and exercises to get to know each other better and improve each other's accountability.

We recommend communicating at least a few times a week through text or voice messaging to keep each other updated on your progress and to provide emotional support to overcome obstacles.

This online program is only for you if you're fully prepared to invest at least 3 hours of your time each week to do the activities and implement a specific action plan each week.

You can get big results in this program but you will have to overcome the barriers of lack of focus, multitasking and procrastination and that's why we've developed this accountability system to help you stick to your goals and implement personalized feedback loops that work for you.

What Happens After You Join The Program

When you enroll in Flow Productivity, you will immediately receive an email to help get you matched with an accountability. Once you are matched, you will get weekly emails walking you through each step of applying flow psychology to your life.

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