Find Your Focus and Double Your Productivity

Follow my Flow Productivity System to focus your time on the high-value activities that increase your income and delegate and automate the tasks that slow you down.

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Find Your Focus In A World of Distraction

Develop consistent, focus, creativity, and self-motivation so you can focus your time on the high-value activities.

It isn't easy to focus these days...

There is too much information and often too many demands on our attention, which can leave you feeling exhausted by this hyperconnected way of life.

I developed this Flow Productivity Ritauls program because I struggled for most of my life with  focus and procrastinion.

Over time as I went into business for myself, I realized that attention was my biggest asset but I was exhausting my ability to pay attention by dividing it between so many activities and projects that I had on the go.

I learned to simplify my life on building rituals that got me into a state of flow doing the work I enjoy while developing a productivity system to automate and delegate the tasks that would diminish my momentum and leave me feeling stuck.

The key to success today is to train your ability to focus on the right things and concentrate your attention on challenging tasks so you can benefit from flow states in your work.

If you find it difficult to pay attention with so many distractions and find yourself focusing on too many things at once you (and not finishing things) then you would benefit from having more structure and accountability.

Developing a creative vision for your life that inspires and motivates you can help you focus your time on building your own dreams rather than working for someone else.

If you want to be held accountable to achieving your long-term career and education goals then I invite you to give Flow Productivity a try.

Flow Productivity Rituals is a 4-week training program that helps you:

1. Decide how to best spend your time.

2. Structure your day for focused immersion in your activities.

3. Use the latest digital platforms to organize, automate, and delegate your tasks.

4. Train your mind through meditation and flow psychology to overcome distractions, turn procrastination into a weapon for self-improvement and get in focused states of immersion.


Week #1 - Develop A Creative Vision For Your Life

Develop a visual roadmap that maps out a long-term vision for your life and breaks down the monthly goals and daily tasks that will help you realize it.

1. Vision Mapping

Get clear and concise about your intentions for your life and creative pursuits. Develop a powerful “why” and a massive transformative purpose (MTP) that connects you with other leaders with similar values.

Then, follow a process to map out your long-term across 5 key areas: career, education, creativity, relationships, and health.

2. Clear Goals

Develop a goals management system so you can follow an action plan that breaks down your goals into monthly, weekly and daily objectives.

During the program, you will plan and implement a high consequence scenario to create momentum by achieving a big goal you set in the next 30 days.

Week #2 - The Flow Productivity System

Develop a personalized strategy for achieving flow in your work and focusing your time on the high-value activities that increase your income.

1. Meditation Training

Learn different meditation techniques that will help you expand your awareness, quiet your mind, and improve your ability to focus and concentrate.

Techniques covered: Mindfulness meditation, Breathwork practices, Qigong meditation, Sensory Immersion meditation, and Vedic meditation.

2. The Flow Productivity System

Follow your focus into flow by aligning your daily activities with a massive transformative purpose (MTP), long-term goals, and create a personalized productivity system for getting into more focused states of flow in your work.

Week #3 Develop Daily Rituals

Create daily rituals that prime your mind and body for high performance so you can consistently feel and perform your best.

1. Designing Rituals

Create a consistent morning ritual that includes a daily 10-15 minute practice of meditation, movement, visualization and intention setting.

Then develop afternoon and evening rituals that further increase your energy and focus.

2. Embodied Learning Plan

Create a embodied learning plan to increases your autonomy, mastery and purpose in your life.

Then learn how to use digital tools to develop your talents and skills and sharing them to attract a wider audience.

Week #4: Harness Your Creativity

Overcome anxiety and learn how to use procrastination strategically as a personal development tools to advance your education and creativity goals.

1. Mastering The Flow Cycle

Struggle more effectively and follow practices to overcome your inner critic and stop procrastinating on your dreams.

Learn proven practices to release yourself from anxiety and recharge better so you can consistently face your obstacles and overcome them.


2. Consciousness Hacking

Learn to control your consciousness to get into flow states of high creativity and elevated performance.

We explore using the science of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain and help you go beyond your inner critic. Also cover cutting edge techniques like neurohacking, HRV training and brainwave entrainment.

Join Flow Productivity Rituals

Double your productivity this year by applying the Flow Productivity System to achieve your career, education, creativity, relationship, and health goals.

There are 3 levels of support in the Flow Productivity Rituals depending on how much support and accountability you would like:

1. Immersion: 

Follow the step-by-step instructional videos and a structured curriculum for 4 weeks to build your own personalized Flow Productivity system and create new rituals in your life.

2. Accelerator: 

If you want more accountability and coaching, get a 1-hour call to plan out your creative vision with me at the start of program and a second 1-hour call to review your progress and plan a longer term roadmap at the end of the 4-week program.

3. Mastermind:

For entrepreneurs only. A 1-hour kick-off call to plan out a growth vision for your business along with an automation and delegation system. Join me for 1-hour weekly coaching calls to implement the productivity system in your business.


Flow Productivity Pricing

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4-Week Online Learning Program

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Everything Included In Flow Immersion

1-Hour Creative Vision Planning Call

1-Hour Long-Term Roadmap Strategy Call

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Everything Included In Flow Immersion

Private Online Business Mastermind Group Access

1-Hour Business Vision Planning Call

4, 1-Hour Online Coaching Calls

Live Chat and Email Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each week requires 5 hours each week to watch the training videos, complete the action plans, and build the productivity system into your daily life.

After you sign up, I will email you within 24 hours about setting up a time that works best for you to schedule all the online coaching calls in advance.

You get access to everything already  straight away but I recommend that you follow the weekly structure of the course so you don't overwhelm yourself.

I'm confident in the quality of this program. If you don't like it you can get a full refund with no questions asked within 30 days.

Find Your Focus and Double Your Productivity

Follow my Flow Productivity System to focus your time on the high-value activities that increase your income and delegate and automate the tasks that slow you down.


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