Digital Mindfulness Training: How To Reclaim 10-20 Productive Hours Every Week

Learn how to apply the practice of mindfulness to your work and design your digital environment to eliminate your distractions and re-direct your attention to where you get more enjoyment and value from your time.

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Reduce Your Screentime By Stopping Digital Distractions From Hijacking Your Attention

We're constantly bombarded by information from our devices, but when you constantly react to every notification, you can easily end up in a state of overwhelm.

The hyperconnected nature of work today is the new reality of the global economy and digital mindfulness training will help you build the skills to thrive in this new world.

Mindfulness involves paying closer attention to your thoughts and senses so you can develop your awareness of how external and internal triggers incite immediate, almost automatic responses in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

This live digital mindfulness training workshop will give you understanding of both the practice and principles of mindfulness and how you can best apply them to how you learn and work online using digital tools that customize your work environment to eliminate distractions and focus your attention where it matters most to your life.

Practicing digital mindfulness can help you sustain your energy and focus all day long by pausing and breathing before reacting so you can diffuse tension and make more conscious choices that align with your personal and career goals.

This 90-minute digital mindfulness training workshop gives you a step-by-step plan to integrate mindfulness into your daily work routine so you can declutter your mind and create a healthier relationship with screens.


1. Tracking Your ScreenTime And An System To Measure Your Improvements

How to establish a baseline to see where are now with your screentime so you can measure your improvements after this online workshop.

2. The Habit Loop: Understanding Compulsion And Breaking Bad Habits

Understand the cycle of craving and aversion that underlies that leads to habit formation.

Learn how to identify your urges so you can create tiny habits that redirect the behavior to more productive time.

3. Identifying Your Superpowers And Your Distraction Kryptonite

Your superpowers are the activities that you have passion for and are good at doing.

Your distraction kryptonite is all that distractions you from your superpowers. 

4. How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation To Reduce Your Cravings And Aversion

5. How To Design An Optimal Digital Environment

6. How To Design An Optimal Mobile Environment

7, Mindful Social Media: Breaking Free From Infinite Scrolling And Fear Of Missing Out

8. Planning Time For A Digital Detox And Going On An Information Diet


About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce

Kyle Pearce has been teaching meditation, flow psychology and self-directed learning for the last 5 years helping people learn more productively online and make a living from their creative talents.

Kyle is passionate about adventure travel, building online businesses, brand storytelling, practicing meditation and teaching flow psychology.

He splits his time between Canada and the tropics where he spends the winters hosting group flow experiences, studying regenerative ecology and learning from teachers from different philosophical traditions.

He has run DIY Genius since 2011, helping people to become self-directed learners, location independent and to educate themselves using Internet resources.

Digital Mindfulness Training



  • 90-Minute Live Workshop on Zoom
  • Learn the practice and 3 core principles of Mindfulness Training
  • Get the Digital Mindfulness Toolkit
  • Access To Recording Replay of the Workshop For Review
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Reclaim 10-20 Productive Hours Every Week

Get to the root of the emotions and feelings that drive your distractions. Learn how to create the optimal environment for focus and concentration so you can eliminate digital distractions and self-interruption.

Get back a day of your week so you can enjoy more time to learn, create and spend quality time with your friends and family completely unplugged from your smartphone.

Get the Digital Mindfulness Toolkit to apply what you learn to customize your smartphone, tablet and computer