Digital Mindfulness Training: Take Back Control of Your Attention In 7 Days

Stop digital distractions from hijacking your time. Develop your focus, mental clarity and sustained concentration to use technology to your advantage.

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In this online program you will take back your time from digital distractions

We're constantly bombarded by information from our devices, but when you constantly react to every notification, you can easily end up in a state of overwhelm.

The hyperconnected nature of work today is the new reality of the global economy and digital mindfulness training will help you build the skills to thrive in this new world.

Mindfulness involves paying closer attention to your thoughts and senses so you can develop your awareness of how external and internal triggers incite immediate, almost automatic responses in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Digital mindfulness training will give you the digital tools and mental practices you need to be less reactive, more resilient, and ultimately more innovative and productive in your work.

Practicing digital mindfulness can help you sustain your energy and focus all day long by pausing and breathing before reacting so you can diffuse tension and make more conscious choices that align with your personal and career goals.

This digital mindfulness training program gives you a step-by-step plan to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine so you can declutter your mind and feel better and decrease your stress and anxiety.

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Stop your smartphone from hijacking your time. Develop the focus, mental clarity and sustained attention to use technology more mindfully.

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Key benefits from this course

Learn to thrive in today's uncertain, complex, always-on workplace.

By repeatedly training the mind to focus attention and sustain it, you will strengthen your pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with attention, decision making, planning, and goal setting.

Additionally, this digital mindfulness training will help you deepen your self-awareness, improve self-motivation and develop more self-compassion and empathy for others.

Mindfulness is both a stress reliever and a performance enhancer.

You will learn how to overcome mental obstacles and better manage your stress and anxiety better by observing it mindfully without reactivity.

This way you can break the cycle of craving and aversion that drives both the craving for instant gratification and the aversion of anxiety and fear.

Not only will you learn how to build a daily meditation practice that sticks, you will also learn how to integrate mindfulness into your day so you can take control of your attention and thrive in spite of all the digital distractions in your environment.

The end result of this digital mindfulness training program is you will operate from a deeper part of yourself that enables you to stay focused and balanced so you can concentrate for long periods of time without interruption.


Digital Mindfulness Training


What this training program includes:

  • Instructional videos
  • Actions Guides
  • Digital Toolkits
  • Habit formation plans
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Break Free From Digital Distractions

Get to the root of the emotions and feelings that drive your distractions. Learn how to create the optimal environment for focus and concentration so you can eliminate digital distractions and self-interruption.

Get back a day of your week so you can enjoy more time to learn, create and spend quality time with your friends and family completely unplugged from your smartphone.

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Stop digital distractions from hijacking your time. Develop your focus, mental clarity and sustained concentration to use technology to your advantage.

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